30-Hour Pesticide Course Online

New York State requires a 30-Hour Pesticide Course before an inexperienced person can sit for the State exam and become a licensed pesticide Technician.  The State Exam is two parts: Core and Category Specific.  Each part has 50 multiple choice questions.

This 30-Hour online class is DEC-approved.   It consists of 2 Parts: 15-hours of Core content and 15-hours of Category specific content.  

The following is covered:

  • Learn basic safety and handling rules for pesticide use. This includes laws, toxicity, and describing steps and decisions every applicator has to make in his daily routine on the job.
  • Familiarize you with the minimum federal category standards necessary for certification.
  • Acquaint you with common problems in the use of pesticides.
  • Provide you with necessary information for calibrating, maintaining, and operating equipment used in the application of pesticides.
  • Instruct you in the identification of some common pests relating to ornamental and turf maintenance.
  • Inform you of various pest management options that are available.
  • Prepare you for the pesticide applicator certification exam.

Order 2 Manuals

You will need to order the CORE and Category Manuals from Cornell's online bookstore. The manuals are called:

  • Core Manual, and either
  • 7A. Structural & Rodent, OR
  • 3. Ornamental & Turf, OR
  • 25. Nursery, Ornamentals & Turf (For Private Applicators)

You can begin before the manuals arrive. Order Manuals Here

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