Online 30-Hour Pesticide Classes

New York State requires a 30-Hour pesticide training course before an inexperienced person can sit for the state exam for a Pesticide Technician license.  The DEC has approved the following online 30 Hour pesticide training classes for New York applicators.  Recertification credits are not available at this time.

Category 3A: Ornamentals, Shade Trees & Turf 

Commercial Pesticide Category: Maintenance and production of ornamental and shade trees, shrubs, flowers and turf.  Private applicators in Category 25 can take this class.  30 Hour Class...$350

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Category 25: Nursery, Ornamentals & Turf 

Private Applicator Category: Intended for the use or supervision of the use of restricted pesticides, including chemigation, when producing agricultural commodities on property owned or leased by the applicator.  This class follows the Category 3A manual, but private applicators take the Category 25 state exam.   30 Hour Class...$350

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Category 7A: Structural & Rodent Control 

Commercial Pesticide Category: To control rodents, roaches, ants, fleas, ticks and stinging and biting insects within or associated with structures, excluding food processing areas and post construction wood destroying organisms. This category does not include termiticides.  30 Hour Class...$350

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Questions, call (845) 300-6170.